Innovative Engineering Solutions
Innovative Engineering Solutions


Craig Jones,  President/Managing Member, Jones Engine, LLC.

“Tyrone was a very valuable asset to me and my company Jones Engine, LLC. in developing and patenting a new form of internal combustion/hybrid engine. His work and ethics are exceptional. I highly recommend his talents to anyone in need of an engineer for any project.” Craig Jones, July, 14, 2014


Roger Meeker, General Manager / Owner, 6 meg Studios

“We had the pleasure to work with Tyrone on a project utilizing his higher level of CAD skills. Throughout several meetings and many e-mails he always maintained the highest level of professionalism; providing the proper CAD data, in a timely manner, and following up to assure that the intellectual properties are understood and utilized in a manner intended. After working with Tyrone for a short while, it's easy to see that he has focused his strong work ethic on client satisfaction.”  Roger, Meeker, December 1, 2009


Tony Haddad, Ph.D., President of T-Tech Solutions LLC - A Premier Business & Technology Solutions Provider

“Tyrone and I have partnered up for numerous projects together. Each and every time he demonstrates a determination to meet and exceed the demands and expectations of the client. He is without question a very precise and forward thinking individual. It is always a pleasure working with Tyrone and Simek LLC.”  Tony Haddad, October 31, 2009


Doug LaLone, Partner - Patent Attorney at Fishman Stewart PLLC

“I highly recommend Tyrone to help you with your engineering design projects. He is very creative and has solid engineering skills. Try him; you will like what you see.” Doug LaLone, October 27, 2009


Jeff Gabalski, Product Development Design and Release Engineer - Seat Structures and Mechanisms

“I have always known Tyrone to be nothing but completely professional and gentlemanly. He was always willing to help and lead me in the right direction on the programs I’ve worked. With more than a dozen patents to his name, I sought his insight often as it never leads in the wrong direction. Even though Tyrone and I no longer work together we have become good friends and I continue to seek his counsel.” Jeff Gabalski, October 27, 2009


John, Bone, Sales Engineer/Program Manager at GFM Corp

“I have known Tyrone for many years as a co-worker and friend. His knowledge and experience with mechanisms is extensive, from design through production launch. Tyrone brings a strong moral integrity and character to the industry. I would also note that he possesses an extremely deep knowledge of multiple product lines, and his follow up on a consistent basis also generates a great deal of value added. He is truly admired in the field and a pleasure/privilege to work with.”  John Bone, October 27, 2009

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